Testimonials given to us by the students and parents of Mandeville. These testimonials are generously given in our mission to provide quality music education. Hence, we are truly grateful to receive these kind words from our students and we hope to share a consensus of being the absolute best in service and education.

01. My daughter always looks forward to these classes a lot. She enjoys the songs and actions so much that she does them almost everyday ! It has definitely helped her develop further in so many areas!

on Baby Stars; by Andrew Tan, father of Angela Tan

02.   Oliver and I first attended the Baby Violin Class with Ms Yap about a year ago. The first day is still fresh in mind. We met the inspiring violin teacher, Ms Yap, who played so beautifully on the violin with grace and poise. We were immediately left in awe of the violin and eagerly anticipated the second lesson and every subsequent weekly lesson there after. We fell in love with the violin. Learning music is so much fun! Ms Yap is very effective in conducting the Baby Violin Class. The class boosted Oliver’s self confidence as he sang the Hello song during the initial weeks and progressed to playing songs from Suzuki Violin Book 1. We had little music background to start with but have since gained so much insight into music with Ms Yap. It is truly a pleasure to be in her class. She is clear and concise in her instructions from Day 1. We leave each 45 minutes lesson feeling we have achieved so much. With daily practices, we saw how Oliver readily progressed on with playing the violin. From standing posture, holding the bow and finally making music on the violin strings, each step was taught effortlessly with passion and fun songs! The musical learning journey was full of excitement and accomplishment! Never a dull moment with Ms Yap. She offered many good tips in handling the violin along the way and introduced easy methods to make note reading a breeze. It is an experience of a lifetime. Oliver and I formed a very special bond playing the violin together, with many fond memories of the Baby Violin Class. Thank you Ms Yap!

on Ms Yap, Baby Violin; by Serena, mother of Oliver J Lin

03.   It’s a great adventure to follow my 2.5 years old son to Mandeville Baby Stars program. Its great to see his progress from week to week as he grows more musically, gain confidence and independence. As a violin teacher, I can say that this program helps a child to develop fine motor skills, role-play and social skills through music activities. It is a great way to get your child ready for a musical instrument learning journey.

on Baby Stars; by Haivan, mother of Jayden