Baby Stars (Suzuki ECE Certified)

“All children can excel from young.”

The Suzuki Early Childhood Education Certified Baby Stars programme is created based on the philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki who believed that all children have an amazing ability & unlimited learning potential.


1. Goes beyond imparting music knowledge to children
2. Empowers parents with optimal parenting skills
3. Foster close bond between parent and child
4. Nurture child into a noble human being with a beautiful heart


1. For newborn and young child up to 3 years old
2. Fun & loving learning environment
3. CD for home listening & reinforcement
4. Parental involvement & education
5. Preparation for future instrumental learning


1. Thorough Mastery
2. Focus (self-discipline)
3. Concentration (listening & memory skills)

The skills acquired in this course stands each child in good stead for their future learning journey and instills in them a positive spirit that goes beyond striving for academic achievements and scores. It incorporates the beauty of music in their lives by setting a holistic perspective in music for both the parent and child. Threaded with love and encouragement from the parent in the form of their engagement in the course, we hope to uncover and develop each child’s full potential in their pursuit of being a noble person who truly appreciates music.