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About The Awards

The Mandeville Music Awards has been conceived to allow young musicians aged 3-18 to hone their musicianship skills through the endeavour. It is also a means of discovering young musicians of outstanding personality and charisma, and to provide them with the unique opportunity to perform to a public audience at The Japanese Association, Singapore.

There are 2 categories for the Awards:

a. Competitive Category:
i. Based on a point-ranking system where each candidate is judged against other candidates.
ii. Cash prizes are awarded according to competition ranking.

b. Non-Competitive (Medallion) Category:
i. Candidates are judged upon their own merit, with no comparison against other candidates.
ii. It is an accreditation of the candidate’s musical and performing abilities.
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Non-Competitive (Medallion) Category

The Non-Competitive Medallion Category is open to young musicians of all nationalities aged between 3-18 and all musical disciplines (piano, violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, ukulele, wind instruments, voice, Chinese instruments and Chamber groups).

Chamber Groups
A chamber group may comprise 2 - 15 musicians. The appointed representative of the group will provide the names of all the musicians during the registration. He/she will be the contact person for all correspondences. In a case where the representative is also a member of the chamber group, he/she must include his/her name in the name list.

Performance Requirements
  1. Each candidate/group will choose up to three pieces which best demonstrate his/her musical abilities.
  2. The chosen pieces must be performed in their entirety, except for concerto where tutti sections maybe truncated or omitted at the performer’s discretion.
  3. The duration of the recording of all of the pieces should not exceed 10 minutes. There is no minimum time limit.
  4. Da Capo and Dal Segno signs should be observed. All other repeats are not required.
  5. Performance from memory is not obligatory.
  6. The recording should be an unedited current video recording of the candidate/group's performance. It must include an accompaniment if the piece requires it. Minus-one CD accompaniment is allowed.
  7. There is no need to submit any music scores, unless specifically requested by the Jury.
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Competitive Category

The Competitive Category is open to young pianists and violinists of all nationalities aged between 3-18.
There are 3 age categories:
a. Junior (born in the year 2015 or later).
b. Intermediate (born in the year 2013-2014)
c. Senior (born in the year 2005-2012)

Performance Requirements
  1. Each candidate will choose two stylistically contrasting pieces (two composers) which best demonstrate his/her musical abilities.
  2. The choice pieces must be performed in their entirety. No edits are allowed for the soloist’s music parts. Tutti sections may be truncated or omitted to accommodate the time constraints.
  3. Da Capo and Dal Segno signs should be observed. All other repeats are not required.
  4. The candidate must perform the pieces from memory.
  5. The recording should be an unedited current video recording of the participant’s performance. The recording must include accompaniment if the piece requires it. Minus-one CD accompaniment is allowed.
  6. The full programme shall be within the following durations:
    1. Junior: 10 mins
    2. Intermediate: 15 mins
    3. Senior: 20 mins
  7. There is no need to submit any music scores, unless specifically requested by the Jury. All finalists are required to bring the original scores for the music during the finals.
  8. For the Competition Finals and Concert, participants are required to provide their own accompanist.
Competition Procedure
  1. There are 2 stages of competition: Semi-Finals (Video audition) constitute 30% and Finals constitute 70%.
  2. Semifinals Finals Final Score
    30% 70% 100%
  3. Semi-Finals:
    1. Click here for performance requirements.
    2. Shortlisted candidates will progress to the Finals.
  4. Finals:
    1. The Competition Committee will decide the candidates’ order of appearance. No requests by candidates will be entertained.
    2. The Competition Committee reserves the right to disqualify candidates who arrive later than the scheduled time assigned to them for the competition.
    3. The participants will perform live both pieces from the YouTube clips submitted.
    4. The Jury reserves the right to stop the performance at any time during the live competition proceedings.
    5. Details of the Finals of the competition can be found here.
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Technical Requirements

  1. Each performance should be video recorded as a separate file, with no editing allowed.
  2. Videos are to be uploaded onto the applicant’s personal YouTube account and set to “public” or "unlisted".
  3. Identify the video recording with the following information on the YouTube post:
    1. Participant’s name
    2. Non-Competitive (Medallion) or Competitive
    3. Title & Composer of the piece performed
  4. Once uploaded, applicants may proceed to register online by clicking here.
  5. Add the YouTube links of the recordings in the registration form.
  6. There should only be one YouTube posting for each of the performances. No multiple posting of the same piece is permitted.
Camera positions:

  1. Either landscape or portrait view is acceptable.
  2. The camera should be static with candidate, instrument and music stand (if used) clearly in view, in order to enable an overall sense of performance.
  3. For keyboard instruments, the whole body of the keyboard(s) should be visible, and where applicable and possible, the pedals should also be in view.
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  1. An independent panel of adjudicators will evaluate the video recordings submitted.
  2. The Jury’s decision is final. No appeals will be entertained.

Non-Competitive (Medallion) Category
  1. The adjudicators will evaluate up to 10 minutes of the YouTube posting.
  2. The performance is evaluated based on its own merit with no comparison to other entries.

Competitive Category
  1. Candidates are evaluated using a point-ranking system.
  2. Candidates with top rankings will proceed to the finals.
  3. The number of finalists will be determined by the Jury.
  4. Finalists will be notified of their selection through email by 30 April 2023.
  5. First, Second and Third Prize winners of each category will be determined at the Finals.
  6. The Jury reserves the right not to award a prize in one or all categories.

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Certificates and medals will be awarded to all candidates.

Non-Competitive (Medallion) Category
  1. Medals are awarded based solely on the candidate/group’s performance in the video recordings.
  2. Types of Medals awarded:
  3. a. Gold
    b. Silver
    c. Bronze
  4. Selected Gold medal recipients will be invited to perform at the Prize-Giving Ceremony and Prize Winners’ Concert.

Competitive Category
  1. Participants who are not selected for the finals will automatically be considered for the Non-Competitive Medallion section.
  2. Their video performances will be evaluated and they will be awarded either Gold, Silver or Bronze medals.
  3. The top three winners of each category will also receive cash prizes and trophies:

    Prizes Junior Intermediate Senior
    First $300 $400 $800
    Second $200 $300 $400
    Third $100 $200 $300

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Registration Fees

  1. All participants are required to register and make payment online.
  2. Registration fees for Non-Competitive (Medallion) Category: $95 (Inclusive of GST)
  3. Registration fee for Competitive Category: $160 (Inclusive of GST)
  4. Registration fee for Chamber Groups = $95 + $25 per member from the 2nd member onwards(Inclusive of GST)
  5. The registration fees are not refundable, and any advance registration fees will be forfeited.
  6. Late entries will not be entertained for the music awards.
  7. In the event of a cancellation of the music awards, the registration fees will be fully refunded to all participants.

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Submission Deadline

Submission deadline for online entries: 10 April 2023

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Dates & Venue

Finals for all Competition Categories
Date: Thursday, 1 June 2023
Time: from 10am
Venue: Mandeville Conservatory of Music, Singapore

Prize Giving Ceremony & Prize Winners' Concert

Venue: The Japanese Association, 120 Adam Road, Singapore 289899
Date: 04 June 2023 (Sunday)
Time: 3-6 pm
Admission at $38 per ticket (Inclusive GST). A 10% discount is available for purchases of 4 tickets or more.

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The Music Awards Committee reserves the right to amend the rules and conditions of the Mandeville Music Awards 2023 without prior notice. For any enquiries regarding the awards, please contact

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