Choo Sheng En

Field(s) of study : Classical and Contemporary Piano, Aural Training, Theory

Born : Singapore

Degrees : Bachelor of Accountancy (2nd Upper Hon) with Minor in Music, NTU (Singapore), Associate Diploma in Piano Performance (Distinction)

Biography : Ms Choo Sheng En has more than 10 years teaching experience teaching students from 3.5 to 60 years old for classical exams and leisure. She plays piano by ear and is able to create scores for students to play their favorite songs outside exam pieces.

She is a passionate, dedicated, patient and committed teacher. She has experience in playing in church and concert band, being a wedding pianist and exam accompanist. She also records her piano arrangements and compositions on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/cse1217. She teaches useful techniques for graded exams and accompaniment skills on songs for leisure. She believes that learning piano has no age limit and her mission is to inspire student interest in music and nurture them to play piano in an enjoyable manner.

For students interested in composing, she is also able to provide insights to their composition as she has been through composition class in schools (in O and A level as well in University).

She also plays other musical instruments such as drums, ukulele, acoustic guitar and other percussion instruments.

Faculty : Faculty since August 2017