Shaping your child’s inner virtuoso

A Premier School Where Music Comes Alive!

Our commitment and dedication brings out the best in our students whilst providing a nurturing and holistic musical experience. 

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Why Music Lessons With Mandeville?
Music lessons play a key role in your child’s development. It has a wide range of positive effects, not only does music increase creativity, studies have also shown that it improves cognition, reduces anxiety, improves mood, eases pain, improves memory, reduces stress and so much more

  • Premier music academy that aid in our students’ development
  • Opportunity to be in touch with and master an instrument
  • Bring out our students’ inner virtuoso and passion in music
  • Integrate music as part of our students’ lives
  • Create supportive environments for our students to maintain their passion for their instrument
  • Be part of a community of young budding musicians

Let’s take a look at who we are and what we offer.
For newborn to 5 years old, view our Mandeville Junior (MJR) courses.

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