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Discover the fun in playing the Piano! Suitable for young beginner piano learners! Fun-in-Keys-New-Books-Promo

Exclusive: Get your copy of “My First Violin Books”, written by Mandeville’s Director, Ms Yap Shu Mei! Only available at Mandeville Conservatory!   Book 1My First Violin Book: Book 2My First Violin Book: Book 3

Get your copy of our Music Exploration books today! Available from Books 1 to 3. Call us for more information!   Book 1-3 Stack My Music Exploration: Sample Page My Music Exploration: Sticker Page Preview

Introducing the Mandeville NETS Flashpay card! Featuring our M Juniors (Barry, Kathy & Ollie), get your limited edition card at $10 (with $5 stored value) exclusively at Mandeville Conservatory of Music from 11th May 2019! Update: As of 24th November 2019, our cards are now sold out! Thank you to all who supported us by purchasing a copy! If you missed out but are interested in having one, visit the link below to register your pre-order now! Mandeville Flashpay Card Pre-order (Google Forms) Flashpay-Sold-Out-Website