Piano School In Singapore


Do you want to learn how to play the piano? If so, then you have come to the right place. Playing the piano is an intricate skill which requires a great deal of time to master. Piano playing comes with many long-lasting benefits, including improved coordination and memory, increased focus and stimulation of the brain.

It can also allow you to meet like-minded musicians so you can be part of a music-making community. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced player preparing for graded examinations, a diploma student preparing for conservatoire audition or someone who has lost touch with the piano, we can provide piano lessons which can suit the various stages of learning in Singapore.

A journey of piano lessons with us also involves that of self-discovery. The experience from practicing, preparing for examinations/auditions, performing in concerts, composing your own music and improvising is not only rewarding, but also important in building grit, discipline and perseverance.

Tailored Piano Classes In Singapore

At the first few lessons, our teachers will find out more about your past musical experiences and learning style. We understand that starting with a new teacher may require some adjustments,and will design the lessons while bearing in mind various factors such as personality, age, proficiency, motivation and students’ goals. As the teacher and student rapport becomes stronger, we will work on optimizing the learning so as to make you reach your goals more quickly.

Our lessons are available for people of all ages and at various stages. We cater for serious students taking ABRSM/Trinity Graded and Diploma examinations, those who are interested in pop/contemporary/jazz music, and also those who just want to play the piano for leisure.

Outstanding Piano Staff

Each one of our piano teachers have a wide range of experience working with and teaching the instrument to individuals as well as groups. They draw on past experiences to ensure that you get the very best out of each session with us. Once you have worked with our teachers for a period of time, they can provide you with individual structures that are based on your current skills and your objectives when it comes to learning. We understand that everyone wants to make the most out of their piano lessons.

From our experience, we know that all individuals learn differently and as a result, we would definitely make this an important consideration when creating the lesson plan. The lesson plan will take into consideration the availability of time for practice, the frequency of lessons and the rate at which you learn the instrument. It is important to remember, that these sessions are designed to be as fun and as comprehensive as possible. We want you to feel relaxed throughout, ensuring that you enjoy whilst maximizing your piano learning journey.

If you have any questions about our piano classes, please feel free to contact us directly.