Mandeville is a music school that takes music learning seriously and makes it fun and enriching for their students. I appreciate the myriad of performance platforms provided to develop confident performers. My daughter really loves her teachers and always looks forward to her lessons. The teachers are passionate and dedicated, inspiring her to be an even better musician and person.

Mother to Joanne Soon

A dedicated, professional and kind teacher, Ms Christine has played an instrumental role in Allysha’s learning. Her teaching progresses methodically and logically through music theory and fundamentals. Under Ms Christine’s guidance, Allysha has developed a love for playing the piano as she gains the skills to play increasingly complex pieces. We hope that her new students will discover the same joy for playing the piano that Allysha did!

Father to Allysha Asmadi

  I love @mandevilleconservatory because it teaches me to compose beautiful music from my heart. Mandeville gives me the opportunity to make beautiful music, meet many teachers with beautiful souls and also making new friends. Mandeville’s staff are also very warm-hearted and are always ready to assist us whenever we needed any help.

Congratulations Mandeville!!!
May your success story continue for many more years to come.

Ayden Kingsley Choo (Student)

  I love @mandevilleconservatory because it has given both Ayden and I a holistic education experience. We were given opportunities to learn and grow through classes, performances, competitions, conferences, and examinations. Meeting and making new friends are also a bonus.

Besides that, the teachers in Mandeville have a much better understanding of their students and always encouraged them to learn from a motivational perspective.

Being with Mandeville for 8 years now, it has definitely built me as the person I am today. It teaches me the true meaning of passion and perseverance to reach my long term goals. Mandeville also motivates me to have the stamina to keep practicing, sticking to my goals day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years and working really hard to make that future a reality. Mandeville has taught me how to live life like a marathon, not a sprint.

Thank You Mandeville.

May Mandeville 25th Anniversary lead to many more glorious years of music making. The achievements of Mandeville are the results of the combined effort of every individual. Let us all celebrate and make this occasion a memorable one.

Love, Celestia Maye Choo

Celestia Maye Choo (Student)

  A very nurturing and engaging music school that cares for the overall music development of its students!

Mother to Siddharth Hemrajani

  Every week, we travel an hour plus on the train to violin class. People asked, why go so far? My answer is always the same. Because the best music teachers are here in Mandeville. We always enjoyed classes (yes, mommy too!) because you can see how passionate our teacher is teaching and her dedication for the children. She is patient, caring and would go the extra miles for you. Classes were very engaging and fun too. Most importantly, Avigayil learns to imitate her teacher’s passion for music and is happy enjoying the journey doing what she love.

Thank you for being the best to us and may you always strive to bring out the best in all the children in your special little way.

Mother to Avigayil Hannah Goh

  Littleman started his music journey with Mandeville Conservatory since the age of 3 in junior group class. When he graduated from junior group piano class, I was contemplating if I should continue with his piano lessons since most of the time during lessons he was just all over the place and couldn’t stick his butt on the chair… till we tried out a trial class with Teacher Teresa. She has so much patience with young children and able to keep him engaged throughout the 30min class when the attention span for a 4 yo is only about 9 min ( age + 5 mins according to child psychologists)

Thank u @mandevilleconservatory .. now I know my boy can stay focused for at least 20min throughout the 30 mins lesson.

Mother to Christen Hwang

  I am truly grateful to Mr Ken Tan and Ms Yap Shu Mei for letting me intern at Mandeville. I am also very thankful to the employees there who made interning there a much more enjoyable experience. They were fun to talk to and also had wise advice to share at times.

From these 3 weeks here at Mandeville, I have learned a lot about what it takes to work in a company. I have gained a deep insight into the workings of a music school, the organization and communication required to keep everything in order.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the people as well, everyone was very friendly, especially the staff I worked with, and they made this experience all the more enjoyable. This internship is an unforgettable experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and one I will draw upon when I encounter hardships in the working world in future.

Ethan Ren recounts his work attachment at Mandeville Conservatory of Music

  My music education with Mandeville spans decades. I had the pleasure of learning to play violin under Ms Yap Shu Mei, the school’s principal, when I was 19. She had just started Mandeville and the school was only a 4-room music studio in Orchard Hotel. Under her stellar leadership and vision, Mandeville is now an established cornerstone of the music education industry in Singapore. I believe there are three reasons that attribute to Mandeville’s success. Firstly, their commitment to hiring good quality teachers who inspire their students to achieve the best results in the their choice of instrument. Secondly, Mandeville has a solid offering of music programs across different instruments – from baby music appreciation to ABRSM exam syllabus and even pop and jazz music!

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Lastly and most importantly, Mandeville provides a holistic music learning experience for all its students. I firmly believe that learning music in a good school is far superior to taking private lessons at home. It is not just one’s ability to play – but the ability to perform and make music in a group – that defines a musician. I like that Mandeville organizes many concerts and recitals for its students to participate in – unlike isolated learning in a home environment. These sessions provide precious opportunities for music students to hone their performance skills and build confidence in general as a person. Two decades on and now a mother of two, there’s only one music school where I will enrol my children. My younger daughter, Carrie, has graduated from the Baby Music appreciation program and my older son, Asher, had moved beyond the Baby Music program  to individual Violin lessons with the school. He enjoys his Violin lessons and performing so much he has also decided to join Mandeville’s Violin Stars performance group. We must not underestimate the importance of a good music foundation in the nascent days of one’s music learning. It is for these reason that Mandeville will always be the school of choice or me and my children.

Sharon Ang, mother to Carissa and Asher Ng

  Mandeville prepares its students splendidly well for exams, by providing many facilities, including aural classes, master classes and recital class. The master classes are run by expert teachers, including Ms Yap and Mr Kang, both professional musicians. It’s a small group class, and since the teacher hosting the class is not the child’s regular teacher, a fresh perspective is given to the child on how he can improve and what new methods he can use to make those improvements. My son benefited tremendously from Ms Yap’s class and attained a distinction for his exam. He told me that he learnt many things from Ms Yap, including the correct bowing technique, somehow her method of explanation got through to him. On that note, his violin teacher, Mr Teodor is also exceptional in patiently working with my son on correcting his errors and always being encouraging, something that is so important to young children. Mandeville regularly organizes concerts and recitals to allow the children to perform and grow in confidence and love for music.

Ratna Mishra, mother of Sunay Mishra, Suniska Mishra and Sujay Mishra

  From the very first day, I have been struck by Mandeville’s belief that music is to be shared and enjoyed. Every student is motivated to participate and to perform. The many big and small concerts as well as festivals that the school organises throughout the year reflect this strong belief. Our boy progressed from the Preschooler music class to piano, violin and Violin Stars classes. The occasional tears and tantrums during practices always transform into big, beautiful smiles after performances or upon the teacher’s encouragements and praises. The values he learns through these experiences are most important to us. I think this is truly what sets Mandeville apart from other music schools.

Ling, mother of Lim JR

  My children started learning the violin at the tender age of four with Baby Suzuki Group Class. They then progressed to individual lesson and playing in the Violin Stars ensemble. Through their learning journeys, they have met many nurturing teachers who have inspired them to enjoy and play music beautifully.

They have also forged many close friendships through playing in the ensemble. It’s like playing and creating music in a family. Music became fun and alive to them! I believe Mandeville opens the door to unlimited possibilities for (my) children in the area of nurturing their creative development and lifelong learning in music as a result of their participation in various local and overseas performances, as well as, performances for a cause. Such a synergy at this tender age will certainly serve to enhance their growth in this (I believe) much needed area in Singapore.

Tan May Yen, mother of Yee Ern Ong, Ethan Ong and Yee Lynn Ong

  The teachers are highly qualified and inspiring. They ignite love of music and continuously find ways to help the child improve. My son enjoys his weekly violin lessons and had accomplished several musical achievement under the nurturing teachers. The school maintains an open communication and also provides a platform for overseas performances. At Mandeville, I am assured that my child is learning under the best to develop his life- long music skills. Highly recommended!

Sally Kheng, mother of Ethan Siow

  I always believe that music is a language that expresses the human emotions and can communicate with its beautiful nuances. Playing music is an activity that connects people and where one enjoys doing everyday as what my kiddos have learned during their Baby Violin with the Founder of the Mandeville, Ms Yap Shu Mei, “You Practice on the Days You Eat”.

This has since become a daily activity that the kids enjoy and connect with one another and with their friends. My 3 kids have been learning at The Mandeville Conservatory of Music since the age of 3. Mandeville has not only created the environment for learning but also provided opportunity for its students to practice that.

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The various festival and group activities such as the biennial Singapore International String Conference, Mandeville Competition, the monthly Strings Ensemble, Chamber Music as well as the weekly Violin Stars Group have helped my kids develop their understanding, appreciation and confidence in enjoying the beauty of playing music and most importantly, the desire to play music.

My 3 kids who are now 11, 9 and 7 enjoy playing their Violin and Cello so much that they get together regularly in the evening to jam on pieces they learned. This would not have been possible without the inspiration and motivation from their team of highly committed, patient, creative and passionate teachers.

Their Violin teacher Ms Yap Shu Mei, Cello teacher Chia-Min and many others have make learning so fun and interesting that my kids always look forward to their weekly lessons at Mandeville. I, myself as an educator strongly believe that one must have the value & quality of passion to teach. The teachers here at Mandeville have already surpassed that quality.

Richard Loh, father of Lauren (Violin), Laurel (Violin), Lloyd (Cello)

  It is with pleasure that we provide this testimonial for Mandeville Conservatory of Music, our daughter’s violin school. Being home-school parents of two, we believe that home-school freedom allows us to choose the curriculum and style of learning that fits each of our children’s individual needs best.

The process and relationships remain our number one focus. When Celestia was four years old, she showed interest in music particularly in violin. So, we began to do our research online and prayed for the best school that would suit Celestia’s needs. We thanked God that we found Mandeville Conservatory of Music. Mandeville has been a great experience.  The whole team has been warm and were of great help.

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I remembered vividly, the very first lesson in ‘Baby Suzuki Class’ when we saw the sparks in Celestia’s eyes.  Since then, Ms. Yap Shu Mei has been a part of Celestia’s life as her violin teacher for over five years now.  Ms. Yap is always ready with her beautiful smile and endless encouragements.  She is able to access Celestia’s strength and weakness very well, assigned Celestia with the appropriate techniques to bring out her best, and inspired Celestia to continue with the arduous journey.

Ms. Yap managed to touch Celestia’s heart through music. Over the past years, Celestia has frog leaped from ten fumbling fingers to two steady hands under Mandeville.  I observed that the teachers in Mandeville has burning passion in music as they do not take in students for monetary purposes, but mostly to educate the students through their love for music.

As we have no high level of musical education, we had to rely on Ms. Yap to provide us with guidance as to help Celestia to progress, which was always greatly appreciated. Fortunately, Celestia progressed to the point that our participation especially practices at home became minimal.

Today, Celestia has completed her Grade 5 ABRSM with a high distinction of 142, and also had won the first prize in Mandeville Music Festival 2017 Junior category.  She also occasionally plays for our mother church back in Malaysia.

Besides achieving in her results, she has grown to be more resilient and strive to embrace challenges positively. With confidence, we could say that the reason Celestia had done well, is not only through her hard work, but with the wonderful experience with Ms. Yap and the whole management of Mandeville Conservatory of Music, that has been essential to her achievements.

We would like to thank Ms. Yap and Mandeville for their commitments to bring out the best in their students, harnessing good virtues beyond musical techniques, beautiful hearts and beautiful music into our home. Thank you.

Robin Choo and Renee Goh, parents of Celestia Maye Choo

  I have always felt that music has a profound effect on developing the soul of a person … Especially in a child who appreciates music and how it connects people. How close friendships are forged through making music together, how joy is brought to people who need music to lift their moods, how music is used to bridge across different cultures and communities.

Not only so, as the child pursues a level of competency in acquiring the musical skills , they learn to apply values that enhance character development . How perseverance, patience, self-discipline, challenging their limits lead them to fulfill their potential. We must therefore put them in an environment that focuses on the process rather than the outcome.

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Achieving that level of proficiency in playing the Instrument is never an end in itself, that presents in the form of a score in a music examination or a trophy in a competition. All children who engage in music should be winners in their own rights. When they overcome a difficult piece, when they play for their loved ones, when they stand on stage and feel good performing, because they can and have done it, without feeling compelled or pressurised to be better than others so long as they have bettered themselves.

I am grateful that Mandeville places the goal of music education in creating a meaningful journey rather than reaching a destination. In fact, creating a journey that is so enjoyable that no one is in a hurry to rush to a destination. Those who truly enjoy music will have a lifetime ‘s worth of pleasure indulging in music.

At the end of the day, we must remember the goal isn’t so much a child playing beautiful music but rather the music creating a beautiful child. “Education isn’t just about feeding the brain. Art and music feed the heart and soul.”

I salute the school and its philosophy for every child to enjoy music at their own pace and to do so with friends. I believe each student would then thrive and flourish together with the music that they play.

Thank you, Mandeville!

Dr Wong Yu Yi, mother of Peng Tzer Ming