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03 Sep: Student Recital by Mr Trung

Mr Trung conducted a recital – Serenade – for his students on 03 September 2022, Saturday. Here is the program list for the recital.


31 July: Student Recital by Ms Stella Karnolska

Ms Stella conducted a recital for her students on 31 July 2022, Sunday.

After 2 years of living with “Trace together”, we decided to make a performance called “Play together”! My lovely students were very excited to see each other again and to make music together. Though they didn’t exist as a group and do not have lessons all together, just after a short rehearsal they managed to play along! I am so proud of them! More to come!

Watch the performance in the links below!

Note: The recital was conducted with strict adherence to COVID-19 regulations.

Cover Photo

15 June: Student Recital by Mr Amir Khalid
Mr Amir conducted a recital for his Guitar, Ukulele & Drums students on 15 June 2022, Wednesday.
Enjoy their performance here: https://fb.watch/eZJI7Fy2G1/
Note: The recital was conducted with strict adherence to COVID-19 regulations.
Amir Concert Cover
04 June: Student Recital by Ms Tatyana Todorova
Ms Tatyana conducted her last recital for her students on 04 June 2022, Saturday.
Ms Tatyana has been with Mandeville for over 20 years. It’s a privilege and honour to work with her. We would like to thank Ms Tatyana for her many years of service and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours.
Note: The recital was conducted with strict adherence to COVID-19 regulations.
Cover TT Concert 1 TT Concert 2 TT Concert 3 TT Concert 4 TT Concert 5 TT Concert 6 TT Concert 7 TT Concert 8 TT Concert 9
25th April: An Intimate Musical Exchange

An Intimate Musical Exchange features Ms Yap and Ms Placida’s students in 4 separate mini recitals.
Note: The recital was conducted with strict adherence to COVID-19 regulations.

28th March: Teacher Stella's Student Recital

Such a great experience to be on the stage again!

Teacher Stella and her students are happy to be back in the game of performing live! Accompanied by teacher Stefan, 18 students performed in 3 separate little recitals.
Note: The recital was conducted with strict adherence to COVID-19 regulations.
26th March: Piano Department Concert
Piano Department Concert, hosted by Ms Yan Lam & Ms Charisma in the Conservatory’s Recital Studio on 26th March 2021.
There was joy amongst everyone present to be able to perform again, albeit in a controlled environment and with a smaller audience capacity.
Note: The recital was conducted with strict adherence to COVID-19 regulations.
Piano-Department-Concert-1 Piano-Department-Concert-2 Piano-Department-Concert-3 Piano-Department-Concert-4 Piano-Department-Concert-5 Piano-Department-Concert-6 Piano-Department-Concert-8 Piano-Department-Concert-9 Piano-Department-Concert-10 Piano-Department-Concert-11 Piano-Department-Concert-12 Piano-Department-Concert-13 Piano-Department-Concert-14 Piano-Department-Concert-15 Piano-Department-Concert-16 Piano-Department-Concert-17 Piano-Department-Concert-18 Piano-Department-Concert-19
27th February: Ms Tatyana's Student Recital

Teacher Tatyana Todorova’s students accompanied by Teacher Christine Octaviani.
Parents and students are very happy to be performing live again even if it’s just to a very small audience.
Note: The recital was conducted with strict adherence to COVID-19 regulations.
TT-Recital-4TT-Recital-6 TT-Recital-10 TT-Recital-9 TT-Recital-8 TT-Recital-7TT-Recital-9-1TT-Recital-10-1TT-Recital-11TT-Recital-12TT-Recital-13TT-Recital-14TT-Recital-15

12th December: Violin Stars Recital

The Conservatory’s Violin Stars performed in a recital on 12th December 2020, performing pieces by Vivaldi, Johow, McLean & X’mas songs. The students performed with great enthusiasm for the small audience present.
Special thanks to Teachers Tatyana, Marinela & Stela for arranging the recital & to Teacher Christine for providing the piano accompaniment.
Note: The recital was conducted with strict adherence to COVID-19 regulations.

10th December: Chamber Concert Series: re:Play!

“Welcome to the 4th Mandeville Chamber Music Concert!
It’s been a challenging year due to the global pandemic COVID-19.
Despite the difficulty, we managed to come together and present “re:Play”, an online concert, recorded according to government advisories.
We could only rehearse twice and the recording was done in one take. It was also my first experience with such a recording and I would like to thank all the students, teachers and parents involved to make this possible.
I hope the concert will bring you encouragement and joy. Thank you.”
– Dang Thanh Trung, Head of Chamber Music, Mandeville Conservatory of Music

Concert Link: bit.ly/2LwGnRH


5th December: Ms Tatyana's Student Recital

Students of Ms Tatyana Todorova came together to perform on 5th December 2020. Special thanks to Ms Eliza Kwok for providing the piano accompaniment.

Note: The student concert was conducted with strict adherence to COVID-19 regulations.

TT-Violin-Stds-1 TT-Violin-Stds-2 TT-Violin-Stds-3 TT-Violin-Stds-4 TT-Violin-Stds-6

7th December: Chamber Concert Series: Illusion!

Join us on 7th December 2019, 7:00 PM in our Recital Studio for an evening filled with Chamber Group performances by Mandeville Conservatory students!


24th & 31st August: National Day Concert!

Performed by students of Teachers Annette & Natalia, students gathered to play songs to celebrate Singapore’s independence on two evenings.

View the full post (with pictures) on our Facebook page here.

Picture-1 Picture-2 Picture-3

13th April: Spring Recital (Violin Concert)

Teacher Hai Van & her students performed on 13th April 2019, with Teacher Tim providing piano accompaniment.


24th February: Violin Department Concert

Mandeville’s Violin Department presented its Violin Concert on 24th Feb 2019, 6:30 PM at Room 1 (Beethoven).

View the full gallery of pictures on our Facebook page here.

Picture-1-1 Picture-2-1 Picture-3-1

14th December: White Christmas by Mandeville String Chamber Orchestra (library@eplanade)

Mandeville’s String Chamber Orchestra graced library@esplanade with Christmas tunes to bring in the festive season of Christmas in December 2018 to a round of applause.

View the full gallery on our Facebook page here.

White-Christmas-1 White-Christmas-2 White-Christmas-3

1st December: Souvenir by Mandeville Chamber Music

Led By Teacher Dang Thanh Trung, teachers & students came together on 1st December 2018 to present a wonderful evening of music.

View the full post on our Facebook page here.

Souvenir-01 Souvenir-02 Souvenir-03

17th November: Thanksgiving Concert

Students of Teachers Annette Lee & Jwu Jiun gathered on 17th November 2018 to play & celebrate the Thanksgiving season. Teacher Mary Tran joined them as the piano accompanist.

Jingle-bell-duet Olivia-Ong Group-picture-5

7th September: Latinito's Soul Performs at Paragon Shopping Centre

Our Violin, Guitar & Ukulele students gathered together to perform various Latin songs at the Latin America Festival held at Paragon Shopping Centre. Led by Teachers Ana Maria, Yanjun, Sheng En & Sumin, they played to well-received fanfare from the festival attendees. Fantástico! View the full gallery on our Facebook page here.

Latinito-1 Latinito-2 Latinito-3

5th August: La Musique Student Concert

Students of Teacher Dang Thanh Trung & Pham Thi Minh Anh came together to play a variety of classical music pieces on 5th August 2018. Also featuring a mandolin performance by Teacher Tee Sumin, our Recital Studio was filled with lovely tones showcased by the performers. Click here to view the full gallery on Facebook.

LaMusique1 LaMusique2 LaMusique3