Violin Programmes

Violin School In Singapore


The violin is an amazing sounding instrument that takes years of practice to perfect. Unlike some other instruments, learning the violin without an instructor can be extremely difficult. At Mandeville Conservatory of Music, we provide a wide range of violin classes designed for individuals of all age groups. We specially design each of our lessons around your skill set, ensuring that you enjoy our lessons whilst learning a new skill. We cater to all skill levels, from individuals who have never played an instrument before, to those with years of experience in the past.

We believe that learning the violin is much more than learning an instrument. You learn a great deal about yourself and learning key life skills such as perseverance and self-discipline. As time goes on, these skills become natural to you and will eventually be applicable throughout your daily life.

Tailored Violin Lessons In Singapore

We take pride in our teaching, ensuring that each lesson is tailored to the individual needs. As highly qualified and experienced educationalists, our team of teachers believe in nurturing our children and bringing the best out of each individual, and hence lessons are specially designed for each and every learner.

If you have no musical experience, we will begin by building a strong foundation. By doing this, we are able to ensure success as you progress. We will then work around your pace, ensuring that you do not feel pressured during the sessions. After all, we play our very best when we’re feeling relaxed. This comfortable, relaxed environment is designed to provide you with the confidence you need to not only learn the violin, but excel in our sessions. This method of teaching is one of the reasons we have one of the most popular violin classes in Singapore.

Outstanding Violin Teachers

With the violin being such a delicate instrument, we recruit only the best violin teachers into our team. As a result, our team consists of only the very best violin teachers in Singapore. Each one of our teachers has a vast range of experience within the industry, all of which is applied to each session they teach. As a result, they are able to teach individuals of all skill sets, from those new to the violin to those who have played since they were a child.

Once you have had a few sessions with our teacher, they will create a schedule for you to develop. This schedule will include the number of hours you should practice at home in order to reach the objectives that you have set yourself. By following this schedule, you can maximize the rate at which you learn and get the very best out of our lessons. Additionally, as you become more advanced, we can also include you in group performing sessions. These sessions will allow you to interact and learn from like-minded individuals, which will allow you to further develop and enhance your violin skills.

If you have any questions about our violin classes, please feel free to contact us directly. Our team is available throughout the week to provide you with any answers that you may have.