Amir Khalid

Field(s) of study: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums

Born: Singapore

Biography: Despite picking up the guitar at a late age of 12 years old, Mr Amir diligently self taught himself the acoustic guitar playing mainly pop and rock songs. Given his deep rooted interest in the instrument, he eventually upgraded to playing the electric guitar at the age of 15.

Mr Amir graduated to learning the guitar at Yamaha music during his NS years under the tutelage of his teacher, Mr Rosli Mansoor who is now touted as one of the best guitarist in Singapore.

In his formative working career, Mr Amir gained experience with music  in working in a major musical instruments franchise – SWEE LEE for a couple of years where he interacted with professional musicians in Asia.

Mr Amir’s calling to teach came later in life when he encountered interested parties who requested to take up guitar lessons with him. As a result of this, he changed his line of work from sales to teaching. His initial job as a music teacher started off with him becoming a private teacher for a few years where he was also part of a music school Music Ensemble. He was later employed in an international school as an enrichment guitar teacher.

To back up his teaching venture, Mr Amir decided to sit for the ABRSM Grade 5 classic guitar exam in which he passed. With this obtained credential, Mr Amir was promoted to work on a different post in the international school as an Instrumental teacher in the High School department where he taught for 15 years.

Throughout the years, Mr Amir had immeasurable experience teaching students ranging from 4 years old to 65 years old, both in a group setting of 15 students and also individually where the students had different goals setting. Mr Amir also actively organized concerts for his students outside school premises in YMS every year.

To experience a different set of challenges, starting from 2015, Mr Amir moved from the international school to private institutions which cater to more exam oriented students. In these institutions, Mr Amir sent his students for the ABRSM exams where they achieved merit and distinction for their results. He also has students who learn the guitar for leisure.

Being someone who constantly upgrades his skills, he has self taught himself to learn the drums. Currently, Mr Amir is pursuing Grade 8 in electric and acoustic guitar this year. In his free time, Mr Amir actively composes his own original instrumental tracks. His original compositions can he purchased online and he has presently amassed a gathering of 55 fans worldwide who loves his music.

“I can’t separate music in my life. It has always been a constant facet in my life. Music is a universal language without words which the whole world understands” – Amir Khalid

Faculty: Faculty since March 2018