Charisma Ong

Field(s) of study : Piano, Aural

Born : Malaysia

Degrees : Diploma, ABRSM, Music Performance (Piano)

Biography : Ms Charisma started her music journey at the age of 9 and is currently pursuing her Trinity’s Licentiate (LTCL) music performance diploma in Malaysia. After completing her O levels, Ms Charisma decided to foray into teaching as a career and she has taught numerous students in music schools in Singapore. During her teaching career, she has prepared her students for the ABRSM exams and the results garnered by her students were mainly merits and distinctions. With a keen sense to upgrade her credentials, Ms Charisma decided to further her studies in music.

During her college and university days, Ms Charisma was engaged as a part time music educator in Forest of Stars Demiquaver based in Johor Bahru where her instruction was to nurture young children. The module that she specialized in at that music school was music and movement where they utilized the use of percussion instruments.

Upon graduating, she travelled across the border to teach in Singapore and continue her teaching career here. Ms Charisma truly enjoys working with young children and teenagers as most of her students are young students with the youngest being 3 years old. She deploys various teaching techniques to different age groups to facilitate swift understanding of music concepts.

Apart from her teaching commitments, Ms Charisma has been active in giving back to the community by engaging in community service where she and her team share the joy of music with the patients of Ren Ci Hospital and impart the delight of music with autistic children in an autistic school in Singapore.

Faculty : Faculty since May 2016