Chiang Wei En

2Field(s) of study : Contemporary Piano

Born : Malaysia

Degrees : Bachelor Of Music (Hons.) Contemporary

Biography : Ms Chiang holds a Bachelor of Music (Hons) Contemporary from UCSI University, majoring in Piano. She has also received an award in Diploma of Associate from London College of Music. Her teaching journey kicked off by her teaching in Cempaka Performing Arts Company in Malaysia and subsequently migrating and relocating in Singapore.

The age range of her student varies from children to adults, however she is more in tune with coaching and working with kids, especially those in the Beginner levels. Ms Chiang emphasizes that a strong inlay of foundation for young beginners will reap beneficial rewards to their music journey in the future, thus her aim is to help strengthen the foundation of her students. She has also previously headed junior group classes in music appreciation.

Ms Chiang affirms that with the proper guidance and encouragement, any child can achieve greatness. Parental involvement is in line with this philosophy as it is essential in ensuring the child’s progress.

Given her care and support towards her students, Ms Chiang’s students have achieved 100% passing rate in their ABRSM examinations with a number of them attaining Distinction. These students had the opportunity to perform in the Conservatory’s prestigious High Scorers Concert. Ms Chiang also believes that performance exposure is advantageous, thus she has sent her students to perform in the Conservatory’s piano departmental recitals and the Biennial concert as well.

With the many events that music schools organize, Ms Chiang was nominated as the concert master in her previous employment where she had to plan and facilitate the school’s concerts. She currently uses this experience to help out in the various concerts held in Mandeville, where she is part of the concert committee.

On top of her teaching profession, Ms Chiang had a memorable experience performing in front of royalties in a Royal Banquet of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. When she is not teaching, Ms Chiang spends her time reading novels, creating arts & crafts and café hopping.

Faculty : Faculty since January 2017