Jessica Lu

Field(s) of study : Sanxian

Born : China

Degrees : Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts (Sanxian), China Conservatory of Music

Biography : Born in Xi An. Jessica was accepted into Shanghai Conservatory of Music, majored in Sanxian at the age of 12 under the tutelage of Professor Zhang Nian Bing and was successfully accepted by China Conservatory of Music to do her Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts (Sanxian) 1995 – 1999 under the tutelage of Professor Zhao Cheng Wei.

She had her premier performance at Shanghai Concert Hall in 1994 and was awarded the Best Performer Award in the International Chinese Music Competition in 1995.

Jessica was signed as an Artist under Andrew Lum & New Asia (Singapore) 2000 – 2004 and released an album “Matter of Time”. New Asia & Flowing in the Seasons of the album recorded by Jessica was awarded Top 10 in USA International Songwriting Competition and Best World Music Award in Composers’ Association of Singapore (COMPASS). She was also actively involved in recordings internationally from Japan “This Way to Nike Beautiful” (Nike Asia) by NOKKO & GO, “Man Ray” by Milan Music (France) and “Liquid Sounds Vol.1” by Free Form Records (Germany). They were all awarded for “Best World Music Award”.

With her talents, she is known in the music industry for versatility in performing different genres of music; from classical, world music to pop music. In 2008, Warners Music released her first album “Beauty of Sanxian” with an overwhelming response.

Jessica is not only active in the local performing scene, over the years she often represents Singapore performing at international festivals all around the world to France, Japan, Scotland and USA in festivals including WOMAD, VOLVO World Music Festival, MIDEM, Chicago Jazz Music Festival, Japan Asia Music Market, Edinburgh International Music Festival.

She has also collaborated and performed with renowned musicians around the world like Phillippe Siasse (NYC), NOKKO & GO (Japan), Goh Hotoda (NYC/Japan), Guo Yazhi (Hong Kong), Mark Chan (Singapore), Nokko Rebecca (Japan) and V Selvaganesh of Remembering Shakti (India).

In 2020, Jessica was the first Singaporean to hold a 2-night Sanxian concert at the Esplanade as part of Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts.

Jessica quotes “I’ll not stop sharing the beautiful sound of Sanxian to the world and hope everyone who listens to my music will be in love with the sound of Sanxian”.

Faculty : Faculty since July 2020