Samuel Chee

Field(s) of study : Electric Guitar, Acoustic fingerstyle and pop guitar, Jazz guitar, Classical guitar, Bass guitar, Ukulele

Born : Singapore

Degrees : Bachelor (with honors) of Performing Arts (Music), Lasalle College of the Arts

Biography : Beginning as a regular multi-instrumentalist performer in the Singapore gigging scene, teacher Sam has been teaching and coaching music learners since 2006. A former sessionist, he specializes in speed learning and performance training, and is passionate about nurturing students to freely and meaningfully express themselves through their choice of instruments.

A fun, lively, and responsive teacher, Sam appreciates every student and takes time to know them. An alumni of the Singapore Gifted Education Programme, he combines both intellectual and emotional approaches, and has repertoires of teaching styles and syllabuses adaptable to every student’s unique needs, character and temperament.

With the popularity of social media and the opportunities and career options it brings for modern musicians, Sam is currently working with existing students to grow and establish their YouTube channels.

Faculty : Faculty since May 2011